Our Approach

Mission Statement

As a music store our purpose is to meet the musical needs of all within a diverse community. Our concern is the perpetuation of music participation and performance as a necessary part of our lives and culture.

We create and support opportunities in music by being a resource for our customer needs. As service professionals we treat our customers and suppliers in an honest and courteous manner. We want all our relations to be credible and of mutual benefit.

To fulfill these requirements we provide a complete inventory of musical products and services, offering quality, value and competitive pricing, while maintaining financial responsibility

The collaborative involvement of a knowledgeable, creative staff is essential. We will be innovative while keeping our fundamental principles intact. An environment which is encouraging and sensitive to the needs and talents of all is a necessity.

Our success is measured in customer satisfaction, maintenance of store integrity and earned profits.

Our Story

Established in 1862, Dewey Music was located on Phelps Street in Oneida. Dewey Music had been operated for over 100 years by the Dewey family when William Dobs purchased the store. After operating the business for four years, Mr. Dobs relocated to the corner of Main & Madison Streets, where he continued to operate the store during the 1960's and 1970's. The current owner purchased the business from Mr. Dobs in May of 1979. Four years later the store was relocated to its present location on Route 5 in Oneida. Oneida Music Co. is the longest running business in Oneida.