You have a new musician in the family. The opportunity you are providing your child will result in a lifetime of enjoyment. Thank you for allowing Oneida Music Company to be a part of it.

The investment you are making in your child’s future is an exciting one for both of you. It is also a serious investment financially. Most beginning band students play their instruments long enough to buy the instruments they rent. Therefore, chances are very good that the instrument you rent is the one you will buy.

A child’s success in instrumental music depends on several factors, such as quality teaching, parental support, and desire. But success begins with the use of a quality instrument; one which is in proper playing condition and is backed by a dependable music dealer. That is what Oneida Music Company provides through our music program, and we have been doing so for thousands of parents in central New York since 1862.


How to reserve your instrument

To reserve your child’s instrument you may:

  • Drop by our store, on Rt. 5 in Oneida, located across from Price Chopper and next door to Wendy’s.
  • We can mail you the rental-purchase agreement. Simply call us and we will be happy to send you a rental agreement, complete the form and return it to Oneida Music Co. with payment for the trial period of 4 months
  • Visit us at and fill out the on-line rental application.


Customer Options:

  • You may rent the instrument until it is purchased; all the rental payments apply toward the purchase price.
  • You may return the instrument with no further obligation.
  • You may purchase the instrument at any time and receive a 30% discount off the balance of the instrument.
  • An Oneida Music Co. representative will make weekly service calls to your school.
  • We offer free pick-up and delivery service to your school.